Well I usually don’t go plunking, but with all the rivers blown and muddy it was my only real choice. It took only about ten minutes to get my Springer to the bank, and then it died for Tommy and I for hours. During this time we did see several fish hooked and landed, and also many lost. The best was the Summer Steelhead I saw getting caught. That’s my next fish I hope before I head back to AK. Here are a few pics from today, and if the wife is feeling better in the morning we are hitting it up again.

My fish for the day:

2012-03-30 08.22.08

A couple young men holding up a great Columbia river king:

 P3300024P3300011  P3300027

Richard grabs a nice Steelhead at the last minute:

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There is a nice Summer Steelie on the beach there:



My tax lady ,(Tempest, H&R block baby) with a huge smile after I dropped off this perfect looking King:


Good luck out there.