Hit up the Sandy river again today here in Oregon before I head north to AK. Ed Fast was at the helm once more as we made the float from Revenue bridge, down through the Cedar creek area, and ending up at Dodge park. The first stop seemed to be a bust for about the first 45 min to an hour, and then I got a good take, but missed it. Seconds later, Ian hits what could have been the same fish, in the same spot. This nice native buck put up one hell of a fight, culminating in a great set of pics before the release. Soon after, I walked a bit down stream and got nailed and missed another fish. I moved back up to the original spot, shot one in a bit closer and “Wham” I was hooked up with a nice dime bright nate. Not much for size, but she made up for it in chromeness and just pure spunk. We killed that spot and headed down to the next killing zone. Ed let me have what he said “is the spot to get em’”, but as he tossed in above me, his wfo worm about lost it’s arse to a fish, but the fish let go just in time. I fish the spot Ed said was “it” with no results. I stepped off the rock and Ed let a brand new summer have it! He nailed this beauty and brought to the bank for supper. Now I step up where Ed had the worm almost ripped up. I throw out my fish producing clown fart, AKA Aeropuff, and the next thing I know is that the end of my rod is slammed and there is flashes of large chrome in the drift. The fight was a great one, with one great run, and then just a power struggle to the end. This great female nate taped out at exactly 35”, with a girth that had to almost match. She was so fat and thick, that I though I was holding a Chinook. It was a great day with a couple great guys to fish with and just hang around with for the day. Thanks again Ed for he invite, and I will get you back before I go!!

Ian’s nice buck Nate:


Ed’s bloody summer:





My big Nate: no pics of my little nate, but she is in the video I am doing:




P4030100P4030102 P4030103P4030104

P4030113P4030117 P4030118

P4030125P4030126P4030127 P4030128P4030141


Look at the girth on this fish.



Can you find the two fish in this shot, and the cat? Only one fish is real, but the water makes it look as though there is another one and a cat. It’s really cool how the reflections do this. Ian and I thought this was a mis pic, but then we spent more time looking at this one than all the fish pics.




Good luck out there;