Hit up the sandy and the Clackamas this week. Tommy and I got out in the raft and hit the sandy when it was high. No results at all,but had a good time in the rain anyway. Hit up the Clackamas the next day with Ian, Brent and I. I hooked up with four fish, and put two to the boat, both hatches. So I got to kill something at least. It was not red hot, but fish were landed, and fun was had. After Ian left, a guide (Forrest Foxworthy) with a jet boat invited us out to do some back trolling. Forrest Foxworthy was one of the most knowledgeable fisherman I have been with for a long time. He knows his stuff to perfection. He fishes the Clackamas, Willamette, Columbia, but his expertise lies on the banks of the Deschutes river. Fishing it for several years, he was one of the first Oregon guides, and the one to get a hold of  to book a great trip with a great guide.

His fee is a minimal amount of only 200 dollars a day. I believe you can’t go wrong with this guide.


You can get a hold of him at 1 503 720 6993 to book a trip. You can’t go wrong.


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