Well the Steelhead seem to be everywhere this season, and they just keep coming. The Oregon coastal streams are seeing record numbers of hatchery returns, and the Natives are in, and have been around since January, (A couple months early for most years). I have been fishing a lot of different water this season, due to Eagle Creek being a bust. I fished the Sandy, Wilson, Alsea, and another couple small unlisted streams through the week, and have had some good success. There have also been some large fish caught recently down along the coast line.

Today though I had a chance a a great trip with a great guide on the Sandy river (Ed Fast). We started out at Revenue bridge and headed down towards Dodge. Along the way, we saw fish darting out of tail outs and from behind boulders like crazy during certain times during the day. Ed said the water was low and clearer than most times during the year, giving us that uncommon ability to see these beautiful fish in there natural areas. My buddy Ian accompanied us along the way also, and is also a great guy to spend the day with on the water. We headed down a couple miles before wetting our gear and hooking up. As Ed and Ian fished and area known to produce fish, I headed down to a drift I have not fished for nearly 20 years. To my surprise it was nearly the same as it was before. As I fished it I notice up river that Ed was landing a nice little hatch buck #1. During my hour or so of time in this one slot, I was able to hook up 3 fish, but lost all due to using to light of leader. After some time, Ed and Ian came down in the raft to join me in the drift. I was able to hook up and again loose another. I then switched to 10 Lb test instead of the 6 I was using. This made the difference since the next fish I hooked was a 10 to 12 pounds native buck that put up one hell of a fight. The Ian took the reins and landed a great little hatch fish. I don’t remember who hooked up next after that, but it was non stop for some time that’s for sure. The total of the day as best I can figure was 6 for15 or 16. I know I lost 7 fish that I fought or some time. It was a great day on the water.

If you are looking for a great guide to fish with on the upper Sandy, then you need to get a hold of Ed fast. He runs a double pontoon boat that he handles like a professional, he has to be one of the best out there. I believe he has been doing it now for more the 10 years, and it shows. He knew exactly where the fish would be, and like I said, his boat handling skills were perfect if not better. Ed has a great personality, helpful, friendly, and willing to share his knowledge to get you into fish. I would definitely recommend hin for anyone that wants to catch fish. He also runs many of the coastal rives, where he also ramps the fish.


Here are the pics from today, then the Alsea from Thursday, and the Wilson on Monday. Tuesday was a bust on the Sandy. Also some pics of some big Steelhead and also one from Eagle Creek a guy walking out with one day. Hope you like them.

IMGP2664IMGP2665IMGP2667 P2162606IMGP2672P2162604IMGP2670IMGP2698IMGP2677 IMGP2680IMGP2683P2162609



 P2162615IMGP2701IMGP2703 IMGP2708IMGP2709 P2162616P2162619P2162621 IMGP2713

A couple great underwater fights.


We did well, but for some reason we only took pics of this one fish.


One from Eagle Creek:

P2032520 P2032521


Waco with a great one.


 P2132593P2132595P2132597P2132598 P2132599   

I can’t find the pic from Eagle Creek.

Here are some pigs from the month so far:



Good luck out there.