Hit up a new coastal river today from the boat. My buddy Ty got a hold of me the night before last and said  “The fishing is hot”, come on down. With no hesitation I got a hold of Damon, and we headed out that way at 4 this morning. After a 3 hour drive, we met up with Ty in the town of Philomath to head to the river. It was a beautiful morning with no pressure from other boats or bank fisherman. We started out strong, with about a dozen or more cutthroat to the boat, and then I hit into a nice Winter Steelhead. This was the first of 14 to take our presentation, and 6 fell to the net and camera. It was a great day of fishing from dark to dark, and well worth the drive. Here are the pics from the day, and also a few pics from eagle creek last week and gnat, and big creek from yesterday with Tommy and Damon. I stayed home yesterday and took it easy so they could catch some. LOL. Enjoy the pics.

Eagle Creek:


Big, Gnat creek:


Unnamed coastal stream:


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Good luck out there,