Wow what a great week of fishing this has been. Today I stayed local and hit up the Sandy river. After a couple of hours of nothing, my buddy Johnny hits into a big fat Native buck. This was a great fight, and it was good to see Johnny get a big boy. I got some great underwater vids of this fish. Also all the pics from the week have come in, and I hope you enjoy them. I will try not to duplicate from the last couple days of pics.

Johnny with a pig Nate from the Sandy river:


North Fork Nehalem:

P3140249 P3140250 P2012518 P2012522


Small coastal stream:

P3110240 P3110241 P3110245  P1112404 P2013231


Smaller coastal stream:

P3150253 P3150257 P2012535 P2013269


Great underwater video of big Nate on Sandy:



Good luck to you all