It up the Sandy river today with great results. Between the four of us, we went 10 for 19. Not a bad day after all is said and done. I fished hard all morning with this little soft okie egg drifter that has been doing the trick a couple times out, but no today. I only touched one fish before 9am. Then I thought to myself, this water looked similar to the water I had fished earlier in the year, when I used an aeropuff (Clown Fart). Well it only took one cast to find out that this was the way to go. I was hooked up with a nice buck, and then 2 casts later I was into the second one, and she was a beauty. So only 3 casts to get two fish once I changed over to the clown fart. Looks like I may have to throw these a lot more in the near future in Oregon.





God luck out there;