This was by far the fun nest time on the river this year. Jean and Bill won the online auction from the site. Anyone can sign up for the news letter and get in on these deals. While Jean and Bill were here, there were no other boats on the river, and the Steelhead were still in the river in good numbers. I had the pleasure of spending four days with this great couple. Bill and I had one day on our own, while Jean searched the big water water for halibut. Bill brought an even dozen to the boat on this day, and it was just down right fun to spend that time on the water will Bill that day. Jean and Bill have fished primarily with “Randy”, (One of the great guides we had here for years), so this was my first chance to spend time with the two of them, and I can see why Randy talked to highly of them. We had a great time together, the fishing was great, the weather was good, and all went well. Bill and Jean will be returning for Silvers in September, so I will see them again soon. Here are the pics from the trip.

P5230324 P5230327 P5230349 P5230369 P5230375 P5240379 P5240381 P5240400 P5240406 P5240422 P5240434 P5240443 P5250457 P5250495P5250478

P5250480  P5250499 P5250537 P5250559 P5250585 P5250601 P5250604 P5250622 P5250641 P5250671  P5250698 P5260723

P5260735P5260725  P5260744  P5260751 P5260768 P5260776 P5260799  P5260821 P5260826 P5260847 P5260879  P5260889  P5260901 P5260910  P5230314

Good luck out there,