Been a bit slower this season compared to the last 10, but the people are coming in now, and the fish are also showing up in good numbers. I have had a few good trips so far this month, and all the Clients have been great. No good jump shots yet, but here are some great pics from these trips. I am heading home for a 10 day vacation to chase some kings around Oregon. I will be updating from there everyday. I went out last night and got fifty Sockeye in three hours. Not to bad! No pics though, just get em’ and let em’ out.


The Franklin group:Nat, Pete, Kevin, and Brett

This group is one of my favorite from the last 7 years. I have seen these boys turn into men, and they get better every year. Kevin is in College now and is kicking butt. Also kicking butt on the boxing team. When this young man was only 12 or 13, his brother and I nicknamed him “Little Stiffie”. Since then he has grown up, and the name just doesn’t fit anymore. Brett has also grown up a lot, and is a great young man to be around. They have also become great fisherman, out doing there Grandpa and Father both days on the water. Nat is there Dad, and you can’t say enough good things about a Man that has boys like this. This was there Grandpa’s first trip up, and he had a great time, and caught plenty of fish for the first time around. Hope to see you all next season.

Forget the internship and come fishing “Stiffie” LOL.


 P6183190P6183202P6173145 P6173154P6173164P6173167 P6173169P6173175


The Scott’s: Mark, Frank, Steve

This group is a great group of Firemen. They have been coming now for some time, and I hope to see them for years to come. We had a half day together, and although the fishing was a bit tough, they did great, and the rest of the trip was also a great success.



The Knutz: John, and Dan

P6193301 P6193307 P6193286 P6193322



My buddy John, and Kraig “the cook”

 P6223507 P6123093 P6123079

Good luck out there;