Second time around for Dave Bryce. I have not had time to get all my posts up like I would like to, but here is one from a great guy, and all his groups are great also. We got into the double ups this time, with Steelhead and Sockeye in the river. Water levels are low and clear, but fish are still around, and the Sockeye’s are on the march up river now. Not many over the weir, but they are arriving in the system on every tide. Here are the pics from both of bryce’s trips up.

P6032892P6032910P6032916 P6032921P6032925P6032948P6032939  P6042977P6032955P6042982P6042990 P6043007P6043052P5132741 P5132761P5132768P5140035 P5140049P5140059P5140063 P5140073P5140096P5140114


Good luck out there,