Ok if you can stand to put up with this one, then you may see what you are looking for. I put my camera on the end of the line on my fly rod, and cast into the middle of a school of Sockeye. I got some real good shots, even though the current made it hard to get it steady. At one point I got it perfect on the bottom facing up, but I thought it was upside down, so i screwed it up trying to get it right. You will see that I pull it up at one point. I was done filming, when my buddy hooked one. So I threw the camera back in, but the knot to the camera had come loose when I brought it in the boat. So you will see the camera fall to the bottom and hit sand. It took about five minutes to retrieve it with a hook at the end of the fly pole. i removed most of this time in the video, but you will see what I mean. All in all I think it is not to bad. Tell me what you think. I am going to try to get some real good underwater Sockeye shot’s this season.

Good luck out there;