Well the Reds have hit hard this week, and they are all the way to the bridge already. Looks like it is going to be a great season. I start on the river tomorrow, with several trips in a row, so the post’s should start being updated more frequently. They had a 327 pound Halibut the other day, “One big fish!”. Kings closed in the fresh water as of last night at 12:00 am, so that’s it for now in the river, but the bay is still producing Kings. We had a little rain the last couple days, so the water level is great for floating, and the clarity is perfect.Here are some great pics from the river and from the Ocean.

P6142024 P6142021 P6172064 P6162026 P6162031 P6130337 P6130345 P6212075 P6212079 P6212081 P6212082 P6212219 P6212221 P6212223 P6212225 P6212235

Halibut fishing has been great so far this year!

 DSC00878 DSC00880

Good luck out there;