You could not ask for better fishing right now anywhere in Alaska. The fish are coming in big numbers, and they are pushing up the river at a good pace. If you are familiar with the place, then you will understand when I say, “Holy crap there are alot if fish at nine mile bridge!”. I think there are at least 1,500 to 2,000 thousand just in this one hole. Below the weir is “Sick” with fish. The water is boiling on every incoming tide. The King season is still closed, but I have seen big numbers in the last week, on the incoming tides. I have not seen that many above the weir though. Any incidental catches of Kings should be released unharmed if possible. Please don’t fight the fish till it is exhausted. Bring them in quick if you can, or just cut the line and let them go. The more kings we can save now, will enhance the system in the future. If you are cleaning your fish at the river, Please make sure you throw the carcasses and scraps all the way out into the main stream. If you don’t, then the bear you deal with the next time will be your doing. There is a 2 year old and larger bear working the area around the bridge, so please watch how you handle your catch, and don’t fight the bear for the fish, just let them have it if you are confronted. If you see the bears coming, then put your catch away immediately and stay away until the bear moves on. If you are fighting a fish, and a bear is coming towards you, then cut the line and walk away. Here are some vids from the bridge.

P7040957 P7040974 P6300881 P6300887 P7040920 P7040925 P7040928 P7040936 P7050976

Good luck out there.