Ok I don’t what to say about this. I have never managed people like this, and it is a bit tougher than I thought it would be. The new guides are good people, and two of them have many years in the fishing and guiding industry. One is green through and through, but reminds me of myself when I got started. I think this is going to be a great season. Looks like the new guys have it dialed in, and the clients will be very happy with their experience . Here are the pics from the last 3 days out with the newbie’s. You will notice than I am holding most of the fish. That is just because I caught more  HA HA HA……

 P4110016 P4110018 P4110020 P4110022 P4110024 P4157234 P4120016 P4120018 P4120020 P4140023  P4157193  P4157218 P4152313 P4157196   DSC04566P4140024P4152269 P4152277P4152304P4152310

Good luck out there.