This are a couple of great guys. We have had a blast over the last four days, with one day reaching nearly 25 hookups. Fishing is of and on right now, but the water is in good shape, and the fish are plentiful, just not always willing to bite. Having a great time at Yakutat Lodge.

P4268530P4288931P4268603P4268565P4268636 P4268668P4268683P4268695P4268714 P4278752P4278782P4278795P4278799P4278834P4288912P4288920P4288955P4288985P4288995P4289009P4289071P4289017P4289106P4289072P4289128P4268719

 P4289154 P4289169P4290007 P4289176  P4290002 

Great double landing!!!!


Good luck out there