The internet has been out for a couple days, so here is the next day we went down the situk. We killed them yesterday. The fishing is real good right now, and I think we got into over 40 fish between Brian and I. We did not get that many to the bank though. The fish here are real hot this year, and the 20% landing ratio that claim is in effect for this river, really showed up yesterday.  I think we landed around 10 to 12 fish, and had many to the net, before they shook loose. Here are the pics and hopefully some vids.

IMG_7030 IMG_7031 IMG_7039 IMG_7044 IMG_7051 IMG_7056IMG_7075 IMG_7082  IMG_7118P4100368IMG_7141IMG_7128 IMG_7134 IMG_7155IMG_7174IMG_7151IMG_7170IMG_7147   



Good luck out there.