Wow, can you believe this big native came back for another round today. This native has been caught by the whole gang now, and hooked by the rest of at least once. I have 5 time big nateP1237036P1237037P1147005the pics and dates coming, but for now I have some great pics of him from today. I believe, between the four of us, we have landed this fish 6 times, and have been hooked up with this beast, at least 10 other times throughout the last month and a half.

Damon, Richard, Doug, and myself, started out this morning at day light, and Damon hooked up on his first cast through. I was not so fortunate, and it took me three holes to find my first hook up.

   The bigger fish I talked about in yesterday’s post are starting to show up. Two days ago I hooked 21 fish, all between 5 and 9 pounds. Today we hooked a combined 10 fish, and only one was under 10 pounds. At least two of the fish we saw today, were in high teens, to twenty pound hatchery’s. I had one on, that I believe went at least 17 to 20 pounds. This fish tore me up, and let me go. We were able to bank a total of 5 fish, including one big hen I took at the end of the day. We got some perfect underwater video of the fight. I have been wanting to get underwater fight video forever, but never had the help to do so. Well today, it all came together, and we got the video i have been wanting……..  This video is great. Also we got great pics today, and some more video’s, from other fish that tore us up today.

The creek is real low and clear, and the fish are hiding deep in the white water, although we did come across fish in the deeper pools today, unlike 2 days ago when there was nothing in the slow water. In these deep holes, the fish are resting up, and getting a bite usually means being on them before sun up. When the light hits the water, they shut down for the day, and then you have a tough time getting anywhere near them. There are a few tricks to get a reaction, but this is a well kept secret, that I am not ready to share. Maybe once I can’t fish anymore I will pass it on. Check out the vids, and pics from today, and I hope to have more tomorrow.

 1st castlittle buckP20270625 time big nate 2 2 2010 P2027056P2027059P2027061

I downloaded the original underwater, and then a compilation using this vid and several others, including a great song for the vids!!

The first one is the best underwater fight video I have ever had.

(Thanks to Damon’s camera work, and I was lucky enough to be able to maneuver the fish just right for him).

Good luck out there,