Well the hook up’s came in bunches today. We had a great start, with 5 hookups within the first hour, but I ldr’ed them all. The long distance releasing I have become accustom to this season, is starting to kill me. I figured after this start, that I would be able to start landing more for the day. That did not happen! I was however, able to land one fish during the day, but with 21 hookups, that is a terrible percentage to face. The fish were really tight in the white water today, due to the low, clear conditions of the creek. With the sun in the sky, and the glare on the water at it’s worst, sighting fish was not easy either. The bite did seem to pick up from last week. I think this was due to the small amount of rain that fell the night before. I took a look at the hatchery again, and it appeared as if there were around 30 fish in the trap, and another 30 below the ladder in the pool. It still seems to me, that we should be looking at another push before we can say it is officially over for the season. As the season draws to a  close, I expect to see a few more natives show up, and also the big bucks that always come in at the end of the run. There should also be another push of larger females just after the males arrive. Here is the pic of the one I landed, and also a few vids from the season that did not make it up here before. By the way, my buddy Steve who was with me, was able to hook up with 2 fish, but he also had an ldr day.



Some big pigs form the Situk River and Yakutat Lodge!

These Steelies are all between, 34” and 44”.

P4220003 P4220005 P5140080P5150078 P4290024 P4300012 P1010086 P1010110 P4260052 P4270013 P4280021 P4280026 P4280036 P4280044

Good luck out there: