Everywhere I looked today, I saw flashes of chrome going by. Steelies were on the move in the creek today, and they were also on the bite. I got in late today, but it did not seem to change the outcome.  I hooked up within the first five minutes, but promptly lost it. I headed down to where my buddy was fishing one of our honey holes, where he had already hooked and lost 3 fish, and was getting ready to hook up again when I got there. After leaving this hole, we headed down a bit further, and starting seeing more fish. I hooked, and landed one small, darker buck, and released it. After this, my buddy (Matt) got into a nice buck, and landed it. Along the way, I hooked up  a nice big female, that shook her head, and spit the hook. When I came upon Matt, with his fish, he informed me that he got it on his first cast into the hole. I said “that is cool”, and took a cast in the hole. I also hooked up on my first cast, and landed a perfect chrome female. I also hooked and lost another couple fish in this hole.

By the way, I leave all my eggs on the bank from my females. So if you see any eggs laying around, you can feel free to take them with you, (then go somewhere else and use them!) LOL.

It was a great day today, with the total hook ups at 12 between Matt and I. I am now going to be releasing my fish, so all those that I am landing, are still available to the other fisherman out there.

 P1137001  P1137003 P1137004 P1137002P1137005 P1137006

Good luck out there