The creek has dropped significantly over the last couple of days, and today it was almost to low. The fish have stopped moving in earnest, like they have been. I saw the same fish today, in a hole I saw him in yesterday. Believe me when I tell, I know that fish well, so I know it was the same one. This tells me that the movement came to a halt last night when the water went down. P1117014

Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days, and this should bring in another fresh batch. P1117005

The hatchery pen is holding about 75 fish, and the pool below the entrance may have the same amount. If my predictions are correct, this leaves between 7 and 9 hundred left to fish for. I think this year is going to be around 1,100 to 1,300 return to the hatch. Hopefully I am right, check this site again at the end of the year, and see how close I get?.

I was able to get into 5 fish today, and landed 3 of them. Again today, I got one on my first cast, this is always a good start to the morning. Got a few pics to share.

I will be returning to Yakutat at the end of March, so I hope to get into several more fish before that, and if you are on the creek, I hope to see you hooked up and getting into em’.

 P1117003 P1117004  P1117011

Table top hole

Good luck out there.


Ideceive fish, If you see me there again, come and talk to me. I have some thing for you!.