Well I hope it does get even better as the season goes on. Today was good from the get go. Steve, Damon, and I met up at the river, and stared hooking up right away. I hooked up first, then Steve, then Damon. Soon after Steve hooked up again. We lost all these fish, and headed down river. It seemed as though all the holes had fish today. One particular hole was packed with fish, and we were able to hook up with 6 fish in about ten minutes. Only landed one of these fish though. Throughout the day, it seemed as though one of us had a fish on at all times. I believe the final count was near twenty fish hooked, with only 3 to the bank, (One each). Not a bad day at all. We finished up at noon, had we stayed all day, we would have probably hit into more than thirty fish. I did get another female, as well did Damon. Looks like the females are coming up, and soon the brood stock big boys will be here, along with some big native fish. Also the larger females will be coming up in the next couple of weeks. These big females will tear you up like nothing else!!!!. They are a blast!. Here are the pics from today, along with some panoramic views.

P1106993P1106995P1107004 P1107009  Steve in Ghost holeP1107008Steve in Birthday hole

Good luck out there.