Well today I was able to land at least a couple of fish. The hook ups were not as frequent today, but they were still there. I was met at the stream today by my brother “Hobo Joe”, and his father in_law “Sean”. I got a fish on my first cast, and my brother was there to see it, (That was great). We fished hard today, and got into several fish, (many to strong to hold). My brother was able to hook up with at least 3, maybe 4, not sure about the last one. He did lose them all, but he was hooking up, (Not bad for a guy who only fishes once or twice a year). Sean did hit into one for a second, but then I think he was just content watching and learning a bit about small, fast, stream fishing. I do believe he enjoyed himself, despite not fishing much. I got into 8 fish today, and was able to bank 2, the second one being the first female I have encountered in weeks. She had really small eggs, and was chrome bright. The male in the morning was also a very nice fish, with just a bit of color. A buddy of mine got a 15 Lbs buck today, that was in great condition. A little color on the outside, but the cut was beautiful.

Water is perfect, temperature is perfect, fishing is perfect, the amount of people this year is ridiculous!.

This may be a direct result of this web page, my big mouth, and the Oregon Fishing Forum postings. I must say though, that even though there are a few more competitors this year, the amount of fish being caught by them, seems to be very low, and not effecting me or my friends at all.

At least we have experience going for us. See ya all out there! Here are the pics from today.

 P1090002            Log Hole Eagle Creek              P1090003


Good luck out there