I got into so many fish today, I thought I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I got beat up though, by never putting one on the bank, except one, that I released thinking I would get more later on. I was wrong. I hooked up with 14 or 15 Steelies today, “one could have been an old Silver”. It was perfect conditions, and the fish were aggressive again today. I am not used to this aggressive behavior this year, but I am liking it. The fish I got into today, were nice, big, bright fish, and they schooled me. It seems as though every year I get schooled for one good day. And it is never on those days when I only hook 3 or 4, it always happens when I have a banner day hooking up. Well here is the one pic of the one I released.

P1080073 P1080070 P1080072

Good luck out there.