It’s over for the season, and as I leave again for another 6 months, I look back at all the good times that I had. The fishing was great throughout the entire year, and the co-workers this year, for the most part were great. There were some that came and went, but here at the Lodge, we strive to only keep the best of the best. That is what we had by the end of the year, and we are hoping to see the return of most of this group. I can not say enough about the staff here at the Yakutat Lodge, so thanks for all the good times, and the memories. My photographer, was not available that much this season, and I am hoping to get some good Steelies in the air next year, and possibly this winter. From the snow in April, the sun in June and July, to the wind and storms of September, I love it all, and will be returning to Yakutat Lodge for some time to come. I want to say Thanks to Ken Fanning,(Owner), Kip Fanning,(Owners Son), and the newest members of the management team, Dan and Hope Anderson, now in their second year here. They worked hard this year to keep up good service through a tougher economy this year. Next year will be even better. The fishing will always be good, but the service will be great. We are rebuilding, and improving this next few years. There will be new facilities at the bay, and also a completely new experience at the Fanning’s on the Bay house, where you will have one on one service, private chef’s, and fully guided trips of your choice daily. Call up to get a brochure mailed to you, or to ask about information. Also you can visit for more info. Call 1-907-784-3232 or toll free at 1-800-YAKUTAT. See ya next season. Back in Oregon, getting married in Las Vegas on November 14th. Hope to be able to update during this time. Will be in Mexico also in Nov. where I will be fishing rooster fish. Look for the pics.

Steelhead 2009 (Grey Ghosts)

P5150079P5140081P4240024P4240021P5180155    P4180007P4230013P4230018P4200004P4220001P4220005P4180004P4190009P4190001 P5090036P5090028P5210063P5210069 P5080055P5060044P5080005P5080035 P5250132P5240066P5240090P5290239 P6040159P6040163IMG_2870P6040165P6040171 IMG_2877P5280169IMG_2889DSC_0041DSC_0047 DSC_0048IMGP3452DSC_0011DSC_0029 DSC_0039P4290024P4260013P1010086P1010111  P4260032P4270013P4280024P4290016P5030035 P5050038P5070045P5070048P5070073 P5070094P5030033

Sockeye Salmon

P8010009P6220001P6220013P6260254  IMG_7286IMG_7367IMG_7272IMG_7438IMG_7877 IMG_7879IMG_8008IMG_7917IMG_8009P6230160 P6230166P6250033DSC00892P6240005P7280041P7310077P6300002P6300004P6150014P6150017P7170014P7170023P7070050     DSC_0514P8020018NEWJUMP2P7100023 P7090001P7090008P7270051P7100016P5280175 P5290221P6190006P6190008P7160005P7120040 P7130001P7160007P7030086P7030003 P7030006P7030007P7030031


King Salmon

P7030078P7070012P8010003P7100025 P7100026P7100029P7100030P7100031  P7270046P7270048P7290074


Pink Salmon


Silver Salmon

P9050011P9130009P9220007P9130010P9210018 P9220009P9220013Amanda and Kim 2P9150018P9180028  P9150026P9060035P9060002P9060003P8280017P9200009P9190049P9190052 P9190061P8250023P8250021P9240013P9240016 P9240024DSC_0505P8190030P8270020 P8260021P8260024P8230044P8260032P8260040  P9090011P9100007P9100005P9140017P9140041P9140016P8300021P9260005P9010021P9040045P9170016P9260016P9250057P9250043file005file002

Ocean Grown

P8310032 P8310033  P7240042P8310034 P8310020 P8310022 DSC00956 DSC00865 DSC00915 DSC00925 DSC00936 DSC00954

Time to take a break, and let the fish rest up for the winter!!

Sleep Sal Sleep

P5260294 P7200013 P7200010

Good luck out there.