Every year when I get home, I am in a funk about the low quality of fish in Oregon. I know that the fish I am after here, have been in the system longer, and the water levels are lower, but come on. I have seen thousands of fish in the last couple of days, and only one bright one in the midst.

     I was able to get into a nice little native Steelhead at the coast, also the one bright Silver, and I lost 2 really large Chinook, (They were black though). I just want to bitch about it, until the Steelhead arrive.

     I am getting married soon, and hopefully this will not put a crimp in my fishing time. I don’t think it will, but if you don’t hear from me anymore after the 14th of Nov., then please someone put a memorial for me at the birthday hole, on Eagle Creek. Those of you who fish it with me, will know where I am talking about. Hopefully she won’t let me fish when I first come home from Yakutat, cause all I do is complain about coming to a State with nasty old Silvers, and Fall Chinook that fall apart when you land em’. Bitch, Bitch I know, but what else can I do, the fishing sucks for fresh fish right now.

    If anyone out there can tell me where the Steelhead are available right now, with a fly rod, hopefully some place to spot fish.

    I just need some good fish to catch, and I am not traveling all the way to NY Donnie. See ya all soon, I will be fishing this week, but I only expect pics of black or red fish.

Here are the pics from the coast, and a couple older colorful fish, from Eagle Creek.

Eagle Creek:

PA210007PA210017PA210036PA210022PA210043 PA210044 PA210045 PA210046 PA210047 PA210048 PA210054

The Trask River:

The Trask River, Oregon Native Steelie Bright Silver Silver Salmon Beauty

Good luck out there;