Another husband and wife combo today. Again, the wife out did the husband, almost 2 to 1. The morning started out real slow. The rain last night, brought the water level up, almost 3 feet, so the slow water we were fishing, was now no longer available. All the guides today started out slow, and then we figured out where the fish would be, and it was on. In the one hole that we really stuck with, they were able to hook more than 40 fish, and they brought 31 to the boat. This was all within 2.5 hours. The fish were very aggressive today, and on the move. Large numbers of fish were pushing up with the new height in water. The fishing is just going to get better every day. Here are the pics, and a great vid, of a very aggressive Silver attacking a jig, right at the boat. Watch how many time this Silver turns around to take the Jig.

 P9250043P9250048P9250076P9250045Doubles P9250068P9250055P9250066P9250072  P9270019 P9270020 P9270016 P9270001 P9270003 P9270006

Good luck out there.