Marla and Roy Hagen came to Yakutat with expectations of having a good time. They were not disappointed!!!. The first day off the plane, they were able to hit the ocean, and get into 8 Coho. The next day, they were strapped with me in the drift boat. We put in at nine mile bridge, and just sat and fished Sockeye until 11:00 O’clock. We were able to get 8 Sockeye here, and then floated down looking for Pinks. The Pinks were in foul mood this day, and we only got two in the boat. They got a limit of Halibut the next two days in a row on the ocean, including Ling Cod, Salmon, and rock fish, (Not limits of each). Then today we headed back to the bridge for more Socks. Well the fish just had there mouths closed, and it was a tough go of it. Although we only brought back three today, we had a great time playing with fish. There were some kings in the hole also, and Roy hooked and got spooled of 150 YRDS of line from a nice 30 Lbs big boy. That’s the way it goes though. This was a great two days with the Hagen’s, and I hope to see them, and more couples like them in the future.

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Good luck out there.