You may remember the Moulton group from last year on the Aqwe river. They returned for more this year. Although the Aqwe did not provide any good fishing this year, they still got into some Kings on the Situk. We could  not keep them, but we could play with them at least. The Sockeye fishing is winding down, but they still got some to the boat. We spent some time at Mountain lake the first day, floated the second, and fished at the 9 mile bridge the last round, where the majority of the Sockeye are held up. The second day was much better than the third, but we still had a great time getting into them. Mountain lake contains a large number of fish, but they are bit of a hassle to get to.

I hope I will see them again next year.

 P7290072 P7290073 P7290074

Good luck out there.