It has happened now for good. The Sockeye fishing has slowed to a halt on the river, but the lake should produce for the next week or so. We got some real big rains in the last couple of days, and the water rose about 10". With the water going up, the Sockeye took off, and the Kings moved on up also. Just two days ago the river opened for King fishing below the weir, but with the water going up, the Kings are all above the weir, and so it just sucks that they did not open up sooner. They are suppose to open the river for Kings, when the prediction is 750 large kings over the weir. Well as I passed the weir today, the sign said 849 large Kings over the weir, but still no opening. I don’t understand it at all. I don’t know if it is bad management, or if they just don’t want the sport fisherman to get Kings. I just don’t understand, how they can keep it closed, when the escapement has gone over the weir. I just don’t get it. So, with this, all we have to fish for now, is Pink Salmon, and Dolly Varden. All those Kings, and we can get any. Just Sucks!!!!!!!!!!. Here are the pics of the Pinks we got today, also a King we released, (Take a look at all the spots on this kings gill plate),and some pics of the new Pavati drift boat the Lodge got this year, and also a Bald Eagle eyeing our hanging fish.

P7270051P7270054 P7270046 P7270048P7270055 P7270058P7270060

Good luck out there