Well when the fishing slows down, and there is nothing left in the water, we take to the air. The video tells it all. This dumb bird flew directly into the hook during a cast. The line wrapped him up, and the hook took him down. I guided a great guy from Fairbanks today,(Merle) and the fishing was absolutely off the hook in the lake. There are so many fish in the creek that feeds the lake, you can walk on them. As these Sockeye head to their spawning grounds, they stack up at the lake, as they prepare to stage an spawn. So with 80 K over the fish counting station, and only a couple thousand left in the system itself, it shows how many have gone to the lake. I got some great video today, and what I think are some of the best jump shots I have personally taken at the lake.

 P8020018NEWJUMP2 P8020028 P8020029 P8020030 P8020031 P8020032P8020019  NEWJUMP


Good luck out there