Well it is inevitable. Every year at this time, the Pink Salmon start to show up in the river. As the Sockeye start to fade out, and the Kings are done with their push upstream,  the Pink Salmon take over. We had a great Sockeye season, and for the next 2 weeks we will still get into Sockeye’s in the river, and the Lake will produce decent fish for the P7040091next 3 weeks, but every new tide brings hundreds of Pinks. Within the next week, the Pink Salmon will fill the river, and along with them, comes the presence of more Bears to the gravel bars. The Brown and Black bears will gorge themselves on Salmon over the next two months, and gain pounds of weight before their winter hibernation. This reserve of Salmon fat will help the adult bears and their new cubs, survive the long cold winter. The arrival of Pinks in the river always signifies a slow down in clients for a couple of weeks, until the Silvers start to come in.


      During this slow time, the entire staff here at the Yakutat Lodge, gets together, cleans up, and fixes any damaged equipment. We are also building some new cabins at the Halibut station on the bay. I will get some pics in the next couple of days. One of the cabins is completed, and ready for clients at any time. These cabins offer, a kitchen, a bathroom, microwave oven, stove top oven, and a magnificent view of the Mountain range, including Mt. St. Elias. The second and third cabins should be ready for Silver season, which starts the second week of August. If you have any interest in staying in these cabins, you may want to call ahead for availability. 

      Anyway, this time of year I wish more families would come up for the Pink run. The amount of Pinks in the river during the peak, is unbelievable. For the entire 14 mile float, the river is black with fish. Pink Salmon are 4 to 8 pounds on average, and they are very aggressive on pink flies, and lures. For kids, this is the best fish to get them hooked. It is not unusual for a person with no fishing skills, to hook into over 50 Pink salmon in a day on the river. The fight is good, but not to hard that kids wear out on every fish. So for the meantime I have no pics of new fish, so I will throw in some pics through out the season, that did not make the cut the first time around.

P5150078 P5140076 P6150017 P6150012  P5180132 P5180088 P5180109


P5090040 P5090032 P6240005 P4190007 P4190002 P6220005 P6220001P4220005 file002  file001 P4180007 P4180004 P7020032  IMG_7887IMG_7272 P7170023 P5210063 P5080037 P5240087 P5240067 P7070050 P7100023 P7100024P6190008 P5290247 P5280169   DSC_0021 DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0007 P7120040 P4270013P4260008P7130006                       P5070093P5050038P5030035 P5070045 P5070069P7030086 P5230118 IMG_2298

      I will not be on the river for a little bit of time, and I will be home in Oregon on a bit of a break, from Aug. 11 – Aug 17. On the 11th I will be turning 40, hope I can still fish at this age Ha Ha. I am hoping to get into some kings when I get home.

Good luck out there