Two days ago with Gary and Erik, we had our fish taken by a sow and her cub. The next day we were run out of three holes, because of the same bears. Well today, I had enough, and I decided to go right at them, and run em’ off. I was not sure if the sow was going to run or not. The other day when she took our fish, I let her have it with the bear spray, and she walked right through it like nothing. Her cub got a little shot today, and turned around quickly. When the sow came out, I just kept going at her, and she turned and ran off. Five minutes later she returned, and I did the same routine. Again she left, and this time did not return to bother us again. I don’t know if I could have done it again, without pissing her off to bad. We were able to get some fish, but did not keep any. Here are some pics of the bears, and a fish.

P7170014 P7170016 P7170017  P7170015 P7170020 P7170021 P7170022 P7170023P7170019P7170018

Good luck out there