Sockeye’s still all over the river, and the pinks are starting to show up in little groups. Soon there will be close to a million Pink Salmon in the river. They will be fun at first, but when the Silvers hit the system in the second week of August, they will just be in the way. Not to many pics today, but that’s ok I hope. Another baby Steel vid though. When I get a chance, I am doing another Play Fish Mag. issue. Tell me if you want it or not, also a best of for the last two years on Steelhead. I am thinking about opening an on-line tackle store, "Tell me what you think". Yakutat Lodge is booming right now, and all the guides are running the river, and coming back with real nice Chrome fresh fish. Get here if you can,"""STEVE"""!!! See ya all tomorrow.

 P7130003P7130006 P7130002   P7130007 P7130001P7130008

Good luck out there.