Another great day on the Situk River today. I have been chased off by a Sow and her cub the last couple of days. I was with these two gentlemen yesterday in the afternoon, and we had five nice Sockeye stolen by the bears. Today we were chased out of two different fishing spots, and she also chased the other guides around the river. We may have to have something done about this one. I emptied a half can of bear spray directly in her face yesterday, and she walked right through it, without a blink. If they can do that, then they are way to aggressive for my liking. I can usually handle the bears with no problem, but this one raises the hair on the back of my neck. Anyway, got some good pics and vids today, take a look and tell me what you all think. The baby Steelhead vid is great. See ya all tomorrow.

P7120093 P7120040P7120087 P7120042 P7120044 

Good luck out there.