Today Brian Woobank and Son Ryan, stepped off the plane again, for another shot at the Sockeye. Brian has been staying at the Yakutat Lodge for 19 years now, and there is no sign of slowing down. We flew up to Situk Lake, where all the Sockeye are congregating, before they go up and spawn. The fish here are very nice and bright, we only kicked back 5 red fish the whole time. The recent rains seem to have brought in a good number to the lake, and they should continue to be good throughout the rest of the month. Yakutat Lodge clients are more than welcome to take advantage of this service anytime they are staying with us. The fly out fishing is good now for Sockeye in the lake, but come September when the Silvers show up, the fly out fishing to the Italio can be fantastic. Take a look at these amenities, if you are planning to come to Yakutat, and you will see that Yakutat Lodge is the only place to be. The Pinks are here now, and if you have kids that want to get into fishing, now is the time to get here.

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Good luck out there