Well it was the final day for the Johnston group to get into some nice fish. They were not disappointed. The numbers of fish in the river this year is just overwhelming. The top end of the river is holding the majority of the fish, that are hanging out. The area from the forks, where the old Situk joins the Situk itself, i just loaded with fish. There are a few holes above the forks that are also holding fish, and a few below. Once you have passed those areas, you have along way till you get to the next fishable area that is holding any good numbers of fish. You will see smaller groups of fishing on the move throughout the system, but they are moving, and hard to get a cast to before they have moved on. Below the area where the weir is located, (about a mile above the landing) is full of bright Sockeye’s heading up river, also a good number of Kings, but with the season being closed for kings, all you can do is look, and release any incidental catches. Anyway, here are the pics from the Johnston’s last stand.



IMG_8008IMG_7942                                                       IMG_7944IMG_7950 IMG_7417IMG_7266IMG_7271P6270524P6270526    IMG_7914P6270004IMG_7917P6270017P6270006IMG_8009P6260066IMG_7941P6260101P6270514P6270466P6270463P6270002P6270498P6270032P6270491P6260074IMG_7367P6260095P6270009P6270020P6260081   IMG_7928P6270034P6270503IMG_7864    P6260100P6270470P6270473P6270475 P6270479P6270488P6270493P6270496   P6270510P6270519P6270550P6270549

Good luck out there.