The internet is always slow this time of year, so here is the last couple of days in one shot. It has been nothing but spectacular this year. There are over 30 thousand Sockeye in the river, and the Kings seem to be coming in good numbers. Although this is true about the Kings, the season will probably still not open for retention. In order to catch and release these fish, you will need to have a king stamp with you, even for the Jack Kings. Sockeye continue to be on the march in good numbers, so come get em’, if you can. The weather has been hot!!. Yesterday it was 85, and today is 90 degrees, not what we are used to around here. Here are some pic from the last couple trips.

 P7030001 P7030006 P7030009 P7030012 P7030014 P7030015P7030044 P7030031 P7030035  P7030059 P7030066 P7030069 P7030072
















Good luck out there