Well these four guys can't get enough. As a guide for Yakutat Lodge, I have seen a lot of types of fisherman, but these guys are great. They are fisherman, not people that just go fishing. We caught a ton of fish today, and I have the pleasure of taking them for the next two days. Another one of the Yakutat Lodge guides (John),has been teaming up with me in the last couple days, and I can't say enough good stuff about him. With John and I joining forces, these fish don't have a chance. I like to use the line, "Let's catch every thing in this hole, and leave it empty", well with over 500 hundred fish in the hole, this maybe a stretch, but we put a big dent in them. Also I caught a large king on my fly rod today, and the got a great release vid of this giant. This king was only 2 minutes out of the ocean, and looks like he had a scrape with an otter on the way in. Here are the pics, and the vids.. Enjoy,,,,,,, More to come. All pics are of different fish.

P6230270 P6250008 P6250009  P6250011 P6250018P6250014P6250010 P6250015 P6250017  P6250019 P6250020 P6250021 P6250024 P6250025 P6250027 P6250029 P6250033 P6250036 P6250038 P6250039 P6250040 P6250041 P6250044 P6250047

Good luck out there.