It got going today allot better than the last week. The little bit of rain we got yesterday brought the water up just enough to get the fish on the bite. We left the Yakutat Lodge parking lot at 6 am and headed out to nine mile bridge. We stopped in the peanut hole, and brought one fish to the boat within the first ten minutes. After this first stop, it seemed like it was going to be the same as the last week, just one or two fish for the day. Then we stopped in a little run next to fallen tree and pulled up on the bank to relieve ourselves. During this time Tim cast a clown fart in next to the tree and hooked up right away. So we stayed and got into another real nice fish, both of which got away. After this we started stopping at all the fallen tree's. One more spot was productive, and we landed a nice chromer. Then we pulled into a nice deep hole just above the weir, and in less than an hour we got into 7 fish, and put four on the bank, including two 36" bucks. That topped off the day in a great way, and after this we headed to the landing with smiles and hopes for tomorrow being even better.

Here is the fish porn of the 6 we brought in, and a few underwater releases for you.




Good luck out there.