Today the rain fell, and the fish got going. The bite picked up greatly. The two gentlemen I took today had never caught Steelhead before, and were looking forward to getting into some nice fish. They were able to hook up with more than 10 fish, but only two made it to the boat. They had a great time, and the fish did not disappoint. Allen got both of the fish to the boat, and Bill was able to fight with 5 fish, but unable to land this beauties.

      I am hoping that the bite continues to be good. The Spring fish are coming now in really good numbers, and this should continue for another week or two, also the winter fish are starting to come out of the lake now and filling up the upper stretches of the river. So the fishing is getting good now. Here is the fish porn for the day.

P4240021 P4240019P4240022

P4240020P4240023 P4240024


Good luck out there.