Another 3:30 am launch for me today. We have been launching the boat in the dark the last 2 days, to beat the sun. During Steelhead season, the worst enemy you can have, is the sunshine on the water. The Situk river runs low and clear during Steelhead season, and the sun turns these fish into iron traps. Their mouth won’t even open to breath. So the last couple days we have left early enough to beat the sun to the first couple holes. It has paid off, with several more hookups in the morning than previously done. We go into several fish today, and put 6 to the net. Here are the pics and a nice release vid from today.

P4290006P4290007P4290011P4290009P4290013 P4290016P4290023P4290021P4290024P4290003 P4290005



Good luck out there.