Today was one of the most fun filled days I have had on the creek all season. Not because I caught a ton of fish. I did get a good amount though. I was 100% percent today. I landed all seven fish I hooked, and I never lost a rig all day, left with the same fly I started with. What made it the best, was the Matt got into a bunch of fish also. It was great watching my buddy get into some real hot fish. One fish really tore him up good, but he landed it nearly 500 yards down river from the hook up. I got a good video of the next one, but as you will see, my dog was the ultimate demise of getting a good picture. It was just a real fun day. Allot of hookups, and landings, also a nice 12 to 14 pound hen that was in perfect shape. Almost all the fish today were real nice fish. Some dark bucks, but for the most part, bright hens!!. Here are the pics and the video from today. I am leaving for three days to go to lake Lenice again this year, for the trout opener. Hope to get some good pics of Tiger Trout, and Brown Trout. I am doing a special posting in the morning before I leave, I may be making a big mistake by giving out this information, but I really want others to experience the same thrills I do on this creek. See ya soon.

P3050005 P3050007 P3050008 P3050012 P3050013 P3050015 P3050018 P3050021 P3050022 P3050024 P3050027 P3050030 P3050032 P3050034 P3050014






This is a great video, “I think” of Matty with a nice Steelie!!

Good luck out there.