Well the lake fishing went to the wind real quick. I was able to get in the water on Saturday morning, and get into 5 fish, (All Bows). Then the wind kicked up, and blew us off the lake. That was it for me! I knew there were Steelhead in Oregon, and I wanted to get back to them. So today, I was on the creek nice and early. First cast of the day was nice little hen. Not more than ten minutes later, another nice little hen. I was able to get into another 7 fish, and land 2 more. It was not to bad, but I am hoping this week will get real good. Also congratulations to Taylor, for getting his first Steelhead on a fly rod today, it was a real nice fight, and a real nice first fish. Here are the pics from today.

P3080008 P3080012P3080018 P3080014 P3080009 P3080024P3080017   P3080023  P3080025 P3080020

Good luck out there.