Well I slept in today, to regain some strength from the last couple days of fishing. I will go again tomorrow, but after that I will be in Eastern Washington for the Trout opener. Those who have read the entire site, will remember last years trip and pictures. I will be getting something ready for the days that I am gone, so that my Fiance' can post them for me on the days I am gone. Hoping to have something every day that I am gone. i am hopefull to get into some big browns, rainbows, and especially the Tiger trout. I will post pics from tomorrow, if I catch anything from the creek. Also I would like it very much if I could get people to start sending me pics of fish they have been catching in other rivers in Oregon, Washington, and California. Also b-run fish in Idaho would be nice. Please keep it to Steelhead, and maybe the occasional huge king, although Salmon are not something I really care to see pics of. See enough of them cookie cutters in Alaska. Thanks, and I am looking forward to the pics. Please give info on where, when, what equiptment, time of day, and please only current fish caught in the last two days or less, nothing from last year, or even last week. Thanks again.


Good luck out there.