Well today was another great day on the creek. I met up today with a fisherman from Utah. You may remember him from the December posting, when we went up for the late summer fish. He was in town again for business, and had the day to hit the creek. I have noticed this year in particular, that the fisherman I have seen, are making their way down the creek at such a high rate of speed, that there is no way they are fishing, or seeing the fish in all the slots and holes along the way. When fishing this creek, you have to take your time and look hard into all the little slots and riffles. When you think you see a slot that is to small to hold a fish, just remember, I will be behind you to get those fish. If a fish is 3 feet long, and 6 inches wide, don’t you think that he can fit into any slot on the creek, “I think so”!.  So with that, I followed Matt down the river, and got into several fish that he left behind. Matt was able to hook up with 3 fish, but they schooled him and live to see me tomorrow. I was able to hook up with 7 fish before I saw Matt, and land 3 of them. After I caught up to Matt, I hooked 2 and landed one real nice hen, of about 12-14 pounds. Around 12:30 I said my goodbyes to Matt and headed back up river to retrieve the one fish I retained earlier. When I got back to the log hole, it was full of fish. I hooked and landed another real nice female, and lost 3 more in that hole. While I was fishing this spot, a fisherman on the other side of the creek wondered down to see what I was doing to get into all these fish. I described the best I could over the sound of the creek, that he needed to shallow up his presentation, and switch to orange, or chartreuse. Five minutes later, up stream, I saw him fighting his very first Steelhead.

“That was great to see”.

So for all you fish porn addicts, here are the pics from the day.

P3030003 P3030007 P3030012P3030008 P3030011 P3030017 P3030014  P3030015 P3030009 P3030006

Good luck out there.