I took another trip to the Oregon coast today, and the results, although slower, were great. Matt and I fished the same run that Steve and I had fished 2 days before. The fish seemed to have congregated in the deeper holes, and the sun was making them alittle spooky. I was able to land 3 big Chinook, although they were all fairly dark, they still put up a great fight on the fly pole. The Silvers seem to be alittle less willing to bite, but we were able to get into a few nice ones. Here are some pics, and a Video of Matt landing a nice Silver on his fly rod. He was using some rubber eggs, they seem to work well for him today. There is also another video embedded in this video. After watching the first video, there will be a choice of related video’s. In the second video, Titled “Rock Slider”, I show the route a fish took when I hooked it. This fish took three jumps right at me, and then landed on the rock (“Three feet above the water”), slide down the rock and into the pool behind me in the rocks. Crazy fish. Enjoy.


Big King Chinook Big SilverDark fish  Blush Silver Fat boy Big Buck PA140027

Good luck out there!!