Well the coast was the venue again today, and it did not let me down. Although the fishing was good today, the hooking was also good, but my landing ratio went way down today. I hooked up with two fish right off the get go, and promptly lost them both, one of them being a Steelhead. Today I had along for the ride, a fly fisherman by the name of Doug. I met Doug while fishing Eagle creek last winter. Doug moved here from Arizona last year, and is getting acquainted to fishing bigger fish. Doug has been fishing for Trout most of his life, but I will try to convert him to the “dark side”, (“Winter Steelhead Fishing”).  Doug belongs to the Clackamas Fly Fishers club, a very well established group of fly fisherman, dedicated to preserving the species, and teaching or learning the art of Fly Fishing for Steelhead and Salmon. Today Doug had a bit of a slow start. While I was hooking fish, Doug was unhooking from the bottom. After I hooked up with about 6 or 7 fish, 3 for sure being Steehead, and landing two Steelhead, and losing the rest, I left the hole to Doug. I went just below him, and hooked 2 more fish. I lost both of them, one being a very large Chinook. I then headed on down river a couple hundred yards and let Doug have to entire area. About 15 minutes later I hear a holler from upstream, and Doug is holding a massive Chinook Salmon, the biggest Doug has ever landed on a Fly rod. We got some great pics of this behemoth. Also a great shot of the one Steelhead thathung around long enough to have it’s picture taken. Another great trip to the Oregon coast, and the Trask River.


PA210056 PA210048 PA210042 PA210033 PA210012 PA210010 PA210007


Good luck out there!!!!