While sitting in the Yakutat Lodge this morning, I got some info that Sockeye are arriving on the high tides 🙂, and then vacating as the tides are receding 😦

.There are a couple of fishermen staying in the cabins, at the lower end. I overheard them saying they were getting their limit of Sockeye in the mornings, for the last 3 days. So the report is not to bad, but they are still more than two weeks late. I don’t know if the ocean conditions are affecting the fish this year, or if the outside temperature changes are having an effect, but I know the fish are coming later and later every year since I have been here. Got another big ling cod the other night, on the new boat. Here is a good pic of it. Motor is running rich. Putting new plugs, and alittle adjustments, should do the trick.

I will let you know if the Sockeye situation changes and gets better. Also I know some Kings were caught in the area of Doggie Island yesterday. All the fish hit while coming twards the area of of Canoe pass, and they were using herring, a 2 oz. ball of lead, and they were at 37 pulls. Five fish in two hours, not to bad.