Well we tested the fish catching abilities of the boat today, and it was a winner. Me and Amanda took a couple of our friends from the Yakutat Lodge out last night into the bay. We used jigs for Halibut, but came up empty. So we threw on a half a herring along with the jig and caught one heck of a Ling Cod. We also got into a 75 pound skate, that took a good 20 minutes to bring up. As far as the Situk goes, the Sockeye are not showing up at all. I talked to two fisherman that went to the lower end of the river this morning, and there information showed there are no fish in the system yet. The commercial nets go in at the mouth of the river tomorrow at 6 am, so that means if the fish are starting, there won't be any sufficient numbers of fish until the nets are removed on Tuesday at 6 pm.As of now though, there is nothing coming. I haven't heard of anymore reports of Sockeye jumping in the bay either. So I don't know what to say about the run of reds this year, I hope they show up better than the Steelhead did this year. There are still a bunch of Steelies hanging out in the lower 3 miles of the river, they are drop back fish waiting to go around the weir at night, and head back to the salt for another run next year. I will keep updating in hopes of the arrival of the Sockeye. Here is a pic of the LIng.