Ok the Sockeye have really started to hit the Situk River, but most are smaller fish. This may be contributed to the commercial nets just being in the river for 3 days. For the most part the smaller fish can swim through the mesh in the net, where the bigger fish get caught up. Matt and I walked up from the lower end of the river today with three clients, and came across some nice groups of fresh sockeye.The Yakutat Lodge clients were able to get their limit of 6 fish each within 6 hours.

                          All Sockeye caught in the Situk must be hooked in the mouth, if they are not in the mouth, then they must be released immediately and unharmed. If you know you have a fish snagged, then try to release it in the water, instead of dragging it up on the bank and then yanking the hook out, and kicking the fish back into the water. Remember every fish you kill, is a fish that won’t make it to the spawning grounds. If this happens repeatedly, everyday, by 50% of the people, then it could have a negative impact on the future runs, which in the long run will effect you. So respect the fish you foul hook, it’s not their fault, and they need to be release unharmed.

Here is a pic of Matt sitting in front of 12 of the Sockeye we collected today.

Sorry it took so long Donnie. But it has only been 3 days, not 5.